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Day 14 - 30 Day Challenge Update

This ‘feel your way’ stuff is amazing! Not only am I having a blast, it’s not really like ‘micromanaging’ your thoughts as if may have first seemed.

It’s truly about giving a shit about how you feel and deliberately choosing to think and do things that make you feel good.

I love to play black jack but don’t get to play it very often. Last night was my husbands high school class reunion which was in  banquette hall in a casino. I played for about 45 minutes and won $475.

It is truly a different feeling when you understand that life is meant to be enjoyed and that no matter what’s going on around me - how I feel is totally up to me. 

Below is a photo my husband took as we were leaving the casino to go to the reunion.

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Day 12 - 30 Day Challenge Update

Day 12 was busy - I didn’t realize it was Friday somehow and ended up getting momentarily spooked that I wouldn’t have enough time to get everything done at camp before people started showing up.

I took about 5 minutes and re-grouped and kept saying “I always have time to get things done”. Turns out I was done with almost an hour to spare and didn’t scramble either - just worked at a steady pace, unconcerned about the time as I knew I’d be OK - and I was.

LOVE it that it works that way.

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30 Day Challenge Update

To say it’s been busy here is an understatement. I won’t bore you with the details of it but I will tell you this.

I was out of town at my step-daughters babysitting and she doesn’t have internet so I was ‘disconnected’ from social media for the most part. However, it allowed me time to meditate, walk and enjoy things as well as pay attention to how certain things/situations made me feel.

While taking the baby for a stroll one day I had a mental conversation with someone (my higher self maybe?) about manifesting. The words that kept repeating were “You have to feel your way into what you want, you can’t think your way into them.”

So I asked whoever I was mentally talking to - “How do I feel my way into being a millionaire?” and the response was immediate “How does a millionaire feel? How would a millionaire act? Feel your way into the vibration of being a millionaire, you’ve visualized it enough, it’s time to move on and feel it.”

So I imagined that I just found out I was a millionaire and I instantly was walking straighter and stood taller. I was smiling more, starting conversations with strangers and was generally happier when I thought I was already happy.

In the days since then, I’ve had people give me things I’ve previously wanted, such as a tripod for my camera and floor mats for my SUV. I went into a clothing store and tried on clothes without looking at the price tag - decided to purchase one of them to find out that it was 50% off of a sale price so I paid $16.00 for it.

When I got home I had 3 different people (who don’t know each other) tell me I should sell my photographs. I had 2 people message me on facebook to buy photos I’ve already taken and 1 person messaged me wanting to pay for a photo request.

I’ve heard this many times before but have discounted it and thought of it as something I would do one day when I had the time and money even thought it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time - it is my dream and yesterday I decided to follow it.

Feeling as if I were a millionaire - I found $200 I didn’t know I had, so I bought business cards, as well as the .com and the website to start doing what I’ve been wanting to do for years. I also started a facebook page for a photo project I’m doing (similar to humans of new york) and created a tumblr account as well.

I rather enjoy feeling like a millionaire. You’d think that the money would actually have to be in the bank in order to feel like this - but I’m telling you, it doesn’t.

So I’m writing to update you but to also encourage you to start feeling like ____________________ (insert your own desire here) and watch things conspire to make that happen.

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  • AnonymousThis isn't really a question, I just wanted to tell you that whenever I'm in a foul mood I just come to your blog and it instantly cheers me up. Thank you very much and have a great life !
  • I just did the happy clap - thank you so much!

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  • Anonymoushi! i lost my mother last year to cancer and i know i am supposed to feel good, but i also need to feel the grief in order to move on with my life... being happy all the time just wouldn't be normal to me at this time. what do i do?
  • I lost my mom to cancer almost 3 years ago. I spent 1 day crying, 1 day bike riding and 1 day in a mental funk and then I moved on and was fine. We each go through death of a loved one differently and no way is right or wrong.

    You must choose your own path of what feels best for you at any given time. Being happy all the time may not be ‘normal’ for you but could be completely normal to others under the same circumstances.

    If you believe that you need to feel the grief in order to move on with your life, then I suggest you do that so that you can continue living.

    My mother is no longer here, but she’s also no longer in pain and she’s able to be with me all the time as she’s no longer confined by distance, time or earthly space.

    Thoughts like that helped me tremendously in focusing on my relationship with her now instead of focusing on what it used to be when she was here.

    It is my belief that death does not end relationships, it only changes them, if we are willing embrace the change instead of cling to the past.

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  • AnonymousI know I should probably let this alone and focus on anything but it lol but I can't help but wonder what vibration I personally offered to allow such negative conditions of my family and living conditions? example; my father was on drugs and lost his job and because, we are severely poor right now. My mom is in poor health and I'm in high school. I'm trying to live unconditionally, but it's like what Abe says in terms of body, that it's always there. I also can't helps but be jealous of others?
  • I understand your situation seems to be ‘tough’ to you at the time - but you must understand that in order to change your current reality, you have to stop focusing on it. 

    You can manifest for yourself an amazing life but you have to focus and think about the life you want NOT the life you have. The life you have is partly a result of the thoughts you’ve been thinking. (I say partly because you’re still a minor)

    For an experiment, try focusing on how you feel for 72 hours (3 days). Refuse to think or feel anything that’s not positive, uplifting and enjoyable during this time.

    At the end of 3 days - ask yourself how do you feel? Are things improving in your life? Are you happier? If the answer to these questions is yes - do it again for another 72 hours.

    This breaks it down into doable blocks of time where you can analyze the results and decide for yourself if you’re better off living how you currently are or if you’re ready to change for a better life.

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  • AnonymousWhat do you recommend someone like me who believes in the law of attraction but isn't using it to its potential. What do you recommend I do to better use the universe and create my perfect world?
  • Your question is like asking “What do you recommend for someone who believes in cars but hasn’t taken the time to learn how to drive one? What do you recommend I do so that I can use a car to get to where I want to be?”

    My Answer: PRACTICE

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Abraham Hicks - Getting the money out of the vortex and into the bank!

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  • AnonymousDo you think that online dating is contradictory to trying to life a LOA life? I'm not sure because it could help you realize your dreams but doesn't the act of making a profile and trying to date just confirm to the universe that you're single?
  • I think the Universe knows your single darlin’. I see online dating as a tool. A tool you can use LOA to attract the right mate. 

    There’s nothing wrong with being single - however, if you think there is or if you have an issue or hang up with being single, that will be your hurdle.

    On-line dating is the technological version of a friend setting you up. Nothing wrong with either - however, regardless of how you meet a mate - the mate you meet will be in response to the energy vibration you’re sending out.

    So if you’re sending out a vibration of “I hate being single, all my friends are married/are in relationships, why can’t I find the right person?” etc….. 

    The energy match to that may not be your preference, but will be a perfect match to your energy.

    Instead - love where you are right now. Love the life you have right now. Be happy and grateful for the people and things in your experience. Love yourself right now just as you are and know that a mate will add to your life and add to your fun, but they aren’t necessary for you to have a fun, loving, fulfilling life. The mate that matches that vibration will be much more pleasing to you.

    Make sense?

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  • AnonymousHello, I hope your 30 days challenge is going amazing. :) Can I use loa to ˝manifest˝ more time alone at home to do things for myself? We live (4 people) in a small apartment and I rarely get time alone at home to do things on my own, so can I use it to be alone more? Thank you!
  • My 30 day challenge is great and yes you can.

    Visualize yourself in your house alone - feel the feeling of how much you love being there alone.

    When you come home and your roommates are there, don’t get upset - be appreciative that you have roommates to share in the expenses of living where you live  while remaining focused on how it feels to have the house to yourself.

    If you become upset that you’re not alone in the house - it will make manifesting being alone more difficult - so stay focused on having the house to yourself and be grateful for those in your life when you’re sharing it with others.

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  • AnonymousHello. I have recently started using the law of attraction and have already notice a massive change in my life, I love it. I was wondering about meditation, do you meditate? I've never done it before but would like to start, if you do, any tips to get me started?? Thank you x
  • I do meditate and HIGHLY encourage it for everyone.

    My favorite guided meditation is by Kelly Howell (click here)

    It can be difficult at first - but like anything else, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Don’t become frustrated when you’re mind wants to jump in ‘to do’ mode or starts wandering. The moment you realize it’s happening, just redirect it back to the breath.

    Often I will have a stone or a coin in my hand, it gives my mind something to focus on, the feeling of that stone/coin.

    You can also have an affirmation to say over and over in your mind during meditation. I did this in the beginning while training myself to slow my brain processes down and just BE.

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