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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I am really really unhappy and attached to my ex. It is becoming unhealthy. He doesn't care for me and is moving on, I get anxiety all the time about our break up and what he may be doing. How can I transfer my energy and thoughts to feel better and move on? Any tips?
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

You have to decide that the way things currently are and how you’re currently feeling are not how you want to feel and you decide to change it, one thought at a time.

Right now - you’re allowing yourself to be anxious. You’re allowing your mind to focus on someone who is in your past and has moved on.

So instead of allowing your brain to choose bad subjects and run wild with them, take control of your mind and choose what you’re going to think about. Choose thoughts that you prefer, do things you enjoy doing.

Right now - you’re allowing thoughts and feelings you don’t prefer to dictate your life.

When you get tired enough of this - you’ll take control and choose your thoughts which will change how you feel.

Hi I was just reading your posts on your "dreams" tag and I remember last summer where I had nightmares nearly every day for 3 months which makes sense to me now because I was in a really bad rut at that time. But now I'm actually a lot happier and more positive and I still get nightmares or really weird dreams every once in a while and I know that that reflects what im about to manifest. How do I change my vibration in order to make this stop?
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

Pay attention to the way you’re feeling throughout the day - what kind of thoughts are you having? Are you stressed? Are you critical? Judgmental? Anxious?

If you make feeling good your number 1 priority - then the nightmares will stop.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
what exactly is a vibration?
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

Vibration is energy.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
My ex and I are on a break and then we are going to discuss whether we want to be together or not. I am incredibly worrisome and afraid I am going to attract the wrong thing. I am having a hard time controlling my thoughts, any tips?
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

Focus on what you want to happen instead of what you’re afraid will happen. 

You control what you think about whether you take advantage of it or not.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What does it mean when you have a vivid dream about the person you like it? It am I reading too much into it
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

It means you’re focused on them.

Dreams are able to tell us what we’re in the process of manifesting by how they make us feel. If you have a dream that makes you feel great, then that’s your indicator that what you’re focused on, thinking about and feeling during your waking hours is in the process of manifesting things you will like.

However, if your dream makes you feel crappy, nervous, anxious, fearful or negative, then that’s your indicator that what you’re focused on, thinking about and feeling during your waking hours is in the process of manifesting things you will not like.

The great thing about dreams is that they let us know what we’re in the process of manifesting. If we don’t like how our dreams make us feel, then we have the option of changing what we’re focusing on, thinking about and feeling in our waking hours so that we can change what we’re in the process of manifesting.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I've had this feeling that a large sum of money (millions) is going to show up for me. I had it all my life but now I'm starting to believe it and act from it. I stopped pushing myself. My gut tells me that I require no action, I just need to be happy. But I feel crazy because I it sounds impossible. Yet I believe so much. What are your thoughts?
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

I agree completely.

It never matters what it sounds like - it always matters as to what it feels like.

Happy Manifesting!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Any advice on how to handle break ups?
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

Realize that when you’re no longer a vibrational match to your mate - the relationship ends so the relationship you’re a match to can come into your experience.

The same is true for when you’re no longer a vibrational match to your job or your anything…… those things come to an end so that the things you are a match to can come into your experience.

PS - Most times, a break up is really a break through.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
what do you do when you have to make a decision between 2 things really quickly? and none of them makes you feel good? you look amazing in your new icon.x
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

A decision between 2 things and neither of them make you feel good? 

Do you have to make this decision - can you invent another, preferred option all together?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could it be possible to get someone to love you again using loa? Or even just like you again like they used to?
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

It has been my experience that things end for a reason. 

Relationships are like vases. They are beautiful, helpful and bring us joy, but when you drop the vase and i shatters, then try to glue it back together - you can make it look similar to the vase it used to be, but it will never be that vase.

Right now you’re focused on the past, on what used to be. It would be like wishing you were 12 again and unable to enjoy where you are now because you’re focused on where you were then. It would also be like thinking you would never enjoy any other year of your life because to you 12 was the best year.

When a relationship is over and you want to have an old relationship back again, you are not convinced that a better relationship is out there for you. You feel that the old relationship is the only one there is for you - when that just isn’t the case.

My suggestion to you is to focus on being happy within yourself, REGARDLESS of what anyone else is doing.

If you can be happy by yourself and enjoy your life where you are - then the Universe will match you up with someone who will continue to make you happy and bring you joy.

That someone may be your ex - it may be someone new - but it will be a match. When your energy is a longing, needy one - the Universe will match you up with someone who will continue to make you longing and needy. 

So be happy. Focus on things you like. Focus on what you want for your future, not what you lost in the past.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How do you feel about horoscopes?
mylawofattractionlife mylawofattractionlife Said:

I feel they are generalizations based upon birthday. There is a of truth to horoscopes that include your actual birth month, day, year.

Numerology is really cool too - just feel it tells you personality traits and such, nothing I don’t already know about myself.