• Anonymousdo you think making a list of things i want to attract, reading it aloud, and then ripping it up (as to not think about it too much and to give it to the universe) would help with my manifesting? my problem is i harp on what i don't have, and thus is messes with my vibration. i know the problem, i just need help fixing it.
  • You can make a thousand lists - as long as you’re harping on what you don’t have, you’ll not be able to manifest anything on the list.

    Focus on things you love not things you hate.

    Focus on things that are funny, not things that are sad.

    Focus on that’s going right, not what’s going wrong.

    Focus on knowing that you can be or do or have ANYTHING, not the HOW or the WHEN.

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Reader Insight?

A neighbor from from down the street walks her dog every day to my yard to do its business. Actually, it started in my yard but then I’d catch her in the act a few times and gave her a “look” so that stopped but now she brings it to the strip between the sidewalk and the street in front of my house which I guess belongs to the city so I can’t do anything about it but I still have to maintain that grass.

This is making me really angry because it is clearly intentional on her part. So I was doing really well with being positive and manifesting good things and now because of this I’m in a bad feeling place again. I can’t confront her about it but how do I make her stop somehow or handle this in a positive way?

Readers: Do you have any insight?

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Reader Manifestations

Hi Michelle - I just saw your post about a follower wanting to hear manifestation stories. This is what I posted on my blog from this weekend: 

Manifestations: This weekend all 3 of us manifested a lot, and for cheap!

It started with us deciding we wanted to acquire free boxes to pack up some of our stuff to put in storage. On Friday we saw postings on Craigslist but they were around 25 to 50 miles away from us and we wanted to find something closer. Saturday morning we looked again and saw a posting for free boxes, all different sizes, only 5 miles away! We then went out to breakfast and started talking about what we’re going to dress up for on Halloween. My stepson decided he wanted to be a football player and just needed a helmet and shoulder pads. I decided I am going to be a witch and just needed a hat. While we were out, we went to a thrift store with the sole purpose of looking to see if they had a glass bowl that my husband’s grandma used to have and really nothing else. 

I LOVE how the universe works - we found Cole his helmet and pads for $10 together, Sean found two of his bowls for $1, we have been wanting new dishes and even though it wasn’t on our mind, we found an 24 piece set of large plates, small plates, and bowls -BRAND NEW- for $24 all together, and I found a witch hat and makeup for only $2. We went to another store to buy packing tape and found a comforter and sheet set that we have talked about, but also was not on our mind, on clearance for only $70.

This morning I stop at a coffee shop and I had been noticing an orange coffee mug I really like and wanted for many months but did not want to pay $12 for it - it was on clearance today for $5 :)

As I am writing this, I am realizing that it was so easy - we set our intention, our desires on what we wanted and then let it go. Even Cole said that after we found his pads and helmet - he had the idea he wanted them, we were all feeling happy and carefree this weekend, he was not expecting to find them, or not find them, but then we did within an hour :)

I am definitely going to make more of an effort with other things like this in my life. Have the desire, set the intention, FEEL GOOD, then let it go. Know that it will happen!

Thank you for your amazing blog! 

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  • AnonymousThese past several weeks I have noticed a much more loving and happy energy vibrating from you. Are you happier than you have been, say, since the beginning of summer or during the winter? I am just wondering whether or not this is just my imagination or if I am capable of reading people's energies from a distance.
  • You are right on the money. I’m in a really good place right now and things are escalating faster and faster for me by the day.

    Thanks for vocalizing your observation - you are able to read people’s energies from a distance - well done my friend.

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  • AnonymousI know you're supposed to feel like you possess the item you're trying to manifest, but what if everyday I'm reminded of what I don't have? Say, a car for example.
  • You don’t have a lot of things - are you focused on all of them? No.

    If you want a car but don’t currently have one, then focus on what you’re car is going to feel like and look like. What color is it? What kind is it? etc…..

    Be appreciative when others give you a ride or when you ride the bus. Don’t be upset that you’re riding the bus because you don’t have a car, be grateful that you can use that time to check your Facebook or visualize the car you want.

    Accept that where you are right now is not having a car - be OK with that, because once you are OK with it - then you can move forward in the direction you want.

    But if you’re fighting against where you are, not accepting it - then you’re resisting where you are and what you resist……persists.

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  • d0pamineI have practicing loa for 14 months or so and I've manifested a lot. Large sums of money on multiple occasions, a better relationship with my mom, a job that I am in love with, a new apartment, a new group friends I've grown to love so much, free work on my car, free hair extensions, an internship, and a weekend roadtrip with my friends that if will never forget. Those are some of the bigger things, but everyday I notice new ones :) especially dragon flies and mustangs. It's amazing!
  • Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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  • lovelyhoperHi Michelle, I am absolutely loving your blog, I'm just starting out on tumblr and on a journey now aware of the law of attraction. I have read a bit by Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks and watched the cruise ship recording you posted since discovering your blog and LOA very recently. I have one question; how do you make the journey from despair to joy? Emotional spectrum and vibration are mentioned a lot but not how to change it! Thank you so much for your blog <3
  • image

    Above is the emotional guidance scale. It is difficult if not impossible to jump from say Anger to Hopefulness without going through the steps in between.

    Abraham Hicks published a book on how to start from a bad feeling place and work your way up to a good feeling place.

    Below is the link to listen to it on YouTube. I HIGHLY encourage you to listen to this over the next few days.

    I encourage EVERYONE to listen to this actually. 

    At times it starts to feel repetitive, but it’s in the repetition that we learn how to climb up from bad feelings to great feelings on our own, by ourselves. It’s the HOW TO FEEL BETTER - STEP BY STEP. 

    Listen Here!

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  • AnonymousCould you maybe consider having people tell you what they manifested and how loa changed their life, so that we can feel inspired? You have a lot of followers and instead of only answering questions you could maybe just publish stories from people that would like to share their changed lives because of loa? Just a thought. :)
  • LOVE this idea - I’m game!

    Readers would you submit to me things that you have manifested or how your life/thoughts have changed since learning about LOA?

    You can send anonymously - or send in fan mail (for longer stories) and I’ll repost. If you send fan mail but wish to remain anonymous - just say so.

    THANKS for the idea!

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  • AnonymousHello. Today I picked the clothes I will take with me when I go to another country (this is a part of my dream) and I put other things in a special bag ready to put them in a suitcase. And I wonder if I did a good thing or should I not do that? I heard that buying things for when it happens just makes it better because you feel good while doing it, but does that hold it in the future somehow because I am planning to wear specific clothes when it happens and not now? I hope it makes sense. Thanks
  • You’re over thinking it darlin’. 

    If it makes you feel good - you’re creating good things.

    If it makes you feel bad - you’re creating bad things.

    Your actions of picking out the clothes, made you feel good - but your over thinking and over analyzing of that action made you feel bad - so the vibration you sent was mixed.

    The momentum of your negative thoughts cancelled out the momentum of your positive action so there wasn’t much movement towards your ultimate goal.

    So when you feel inspired to do something and it makes you feel good to do it - that’s all you need to know. THEN when you think about it the action felt good and the thought about it felt good as well - all positive, all going in the direction you want to go.

    Make Sense?

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  • AnonymousI've just had a fight with my mom and she told me my personality is a turn off and she doesn't know how to talk to me and I feel so shitty right now, but I don't want to. Can you help me get back on a good vibration? I struggle with that so much, knowing that I could make things so much better for myself by changing the way I think, but it never seems to work. How can I improve my mood? Thanks so much for all of your advice, you are truly wonderful
  • ONE: Changing how you feel is as easy and as difficult as changing what you’re focusing on and thinking about.

    Right now you’re focused on your mother telling you that you have a shitty personality - NOTHING about that will make you feel better.

    TWO: Understand that your mothers opinion is just that - her opinion. It doesn’t mean you REALLY have a shitty personality, it means in the moment she said it - that was her perception based upon how she felt at that one moment. Doesn’t mean it’s true, just means it was true for her in that one moment.

    Don’t take the opinions of others personally. Their opinion most often has MORE to do with THEM and LESS to do with you.

    THREE: That being said…..in order to feel better, you have to stop focusing on crap that makes you feel bad and start focusing on things that make you laugh or smile.

    When you’re ready and you want to feel better, don’t allow yourself to think about anything that you can’t see, taste, touch, smell or feel for 15 minutes.

    Your anger is in the past about something that’s already been said, it’s not about what’s going on right this minute so focusing only on things that involve your senses keeps you grounded in the now instead of living in the past.

    FOUR: You’re not obligated to think every thought your brain gives you to think about. It is totally your choice which thoughts you think and which ones you don’t so when your brain gives you thoughts/suggestions as to things you can think about - CHOOSE the ones you like and discard the rest.

    FIVE: What’s going on around you is your indicator as to the thoughts you’ve been thinking and the way you’ve been feeling.

    The fact that your mother or anyone would say something like that to you is your indicator that you’ve been thinking low energy thoughts and having low energy feelings therefore you’ve attracted low energy comments into your life.

    Make note of it and now improve your thoughts so that your feelings will improve so that what you’re attracting back to you are things that you want, not crap that pisses you off and makes you feel bad.

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  • AnonymousDo you have any advice on connecting with specific people? I'm not sure if that works? I mean I know I should focus on feeling good and just attracting good things in general, and lovely people will be drawn into my life, right? But I started sitting at my two friends' lunch table and I kind of talk to the group and I really like this one guy there and I really want to be part of the group (they all go to concerts and stuff together), can I manifest a relationship with them specifically?
  • Focus on being happy - focus on things you like and the Universe will bring to you people who match that. Visualize the group you want to be in, but mostly focus on being happy and doing things you like to do.

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  • AnonymousDo you usually answer all your asks or just whichever ones that stick out to you? I'm totally not trying to be rude you do whatever is good for you lovely I was just curious if you post them all c:
  • I answer the ones that resonate with me - the ones I’m most knowledgeable about. I’m not going to BS an answer just for the sake of answering as I want to be helpful to the person asking the question.

    I get asked more questions than I can answer - tonight there are several I have already answered and many more I’m going to, but I’m tired right this very minute as it’s 12:30am so I’m going to go to bed.

    If I haven’t answered your question - don’t take it personal, maybe I didn’t see the question when you asked it the last time, maybe it didn’t resonate with me or maybe it wasn’t something I’m familiar with.

    Ask me again so I’ll see it when I wake up tomorrow.

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  • AnonymousHave you read The Power? I have been studying/practicing LOA for almost a year now and I always felt there was something missing in my understanding of LOA until I recently read that book. It just summed everything up for me and I feel it gets in pretty deep with the way LOA works. I recommend it to anyone who is still struggling with grasping LOA to the fullest.
  • I haven’t read The Power - Now I’m going to have to.

    Thanks for telling me about it!

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  • AnonymousMy good friend's dad just died on Monday and she hasn't been in school for a week, I've called her to offer my condolences, she seems to be holding it together but I want to do more because I know how hard it can be to lose someone, and she's ONLY 15! What can I do to help her?
  • Meditate and visualize her being surrounded by love.

    Be there for her when she’s ready to talk.


    Don’t stop trying to reach her, but don’t get upset if she’s not available for a while.

    You’re sweet and a good friend - :)

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