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  • AnonymousDo you have any tips or suggestions on how to REMEMBER to choose your thoughts for the 30 day challenge? I find the biggest obstacle for me in changing any habit (but especially a habit of thought) is that I just flat out forget that I've decided to make the change half way through the day, week, or month :/ Also, by the way, thank you for everything you share here on your blog!
  • It gets easier the more you practice it.

    For me - I’d be having a crappy day and then suddenly remember “I don’t have to feel this way!” and change my thoughts to something more preferred.

    The more you do it - the sooner you remember!

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Sent to me anonymously: “A LOA story that may benefit your followers should you choose to post it: I had been unhappy for quite some time. I hated my job and lost most of my friends, probably due to my negative attitude now that I look back.

You don’t even have to act negative in order to push people away, your negative vibe is enough to do so. I was lonely and miserable. I finally realized that things weren’t going to change until I started doing things differently. I quit my job and enrolled in a training program for a new type of job, which will last for several weeks.

I hated the fact that I had to go back to school at all since I already have a college degree and went in with a negative attitude. I refused to talk to anyone there and felt that everyone there was beneath me. They also seemed unfriendly.

After about 3 sessions I realized that if I didn’t make the most of living in the now, then I it was going to be a very miserable couple of months. I also realized that my negative attitude towards these people was what had pushed my friends away in the first place and the reason why I wasn’t making any new friends.

I completely changed my mindset before the 4th session. I thought about how these classes were leading me to a better future and decided to create a vibe of being open to making new friends. As soon as I entered the classroom on that 4th session, everything felt different. People would look at me and smile, some would say hello, and I ended up having some great conversations with a couple of people who were in the same career changing situation as me. I felt foolish for automatically judging them but glad I caught this early.

I want people to realize how important it is to make the most of living in the now and looking at the positive side of things if they want to manifest good things in their lives.”

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  • mygoodthoughts-pWhat's the 30 days challenge about??? I feel like I wanna try something like that!
  • Search “30 Day Challenge” on my blog and you’ll find it!

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  • AnonymousThank you thank you thank you! & have a lovely day :)
  • You’re welcome, welcome and create an amazing day!

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I used to affirm and stuff and wonder why it just wouldn’t work. I used to pretend and repeat and observe. Nothing happened. I did exercises, had tiny results. And more terrible manifestations. And found it all quite challenging. And I would pretend to have fun with it. Because I thought negative thinking and speaking was “not allowed”.

Then I found that this looney positive affirmation blah was just blah. I started calling things what they were instead of making something up. Something interesting happend. I noticed how this enabled me to identify where on the EGS (Emotional Guidance Scale) I were, with each and every topic. And practiced working my way up the EGS, step by step, with each topic.

My life has changed quite a bit since then. Things are unfolding effortlessly now. So, I’d like to state here that it is a necessity to accept were you are and name it as it is. That’s part of “Making peace with were you are” as Abraham say. Calling a thing what you REALLY think it is makes the difference! It is like revealing to yourself your true thought patterns, your true frequential zone. And these vary from topic to topic.

So, when you notice something in your daily habits which usually happens on the lower end of the EGS, name it as it is. From there you can move upwards. It’s a door, an entry, a portal, actually. The entry point into the ‘World of Better’. You can’t pretend to be positive if your continous inner thought processes about certain topics are majorly negative.

Pretending does not work here. That’s like efforting. The dominant frequency rules your reality, whether you are willing to notice or not. Call it what it is! And move towards Positive then. It works. It’s also “clearing the clutter”. As a side effect. Good success!

By: Kathrin Begemann

(To see this LOA conversation and many more - click here and join Abraham Fun on Facebook)

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  • Anonymoushello! I'm trying to attract love & so far I've done pretty well staying positive. I've cleared up as much space as I could to make room for my future bf! but my mother has SOO many clothes. she fills up her closet & half of mine. I'm already helping her get rid of old stuff but she has quite a lot of clothes (she loves shopping lol). Plus her closet is really small so I wanted to help her a bit. Would the universe understand my situation? I really am trying to manifest my desires!
  • Your mother having clothes in all of your closets won’t stop you from manifesting a bf. You’re life doesn’t have to be perfect in order for your BF to show up, however, your thinking needs to be in alignment to joy before the right one will show up.

    Right now your focus is on your mother and your thinking that she is your problem - in truth - YOU are the only one who can manifest a BF and YOU’RE the only one that can keep yourself from manifesting a BF.

    You can worry about who has how much closet space when your boyfriend moves in with you and your mother. Until then get into a happy place as you don’t know how or when the Universe will line you up with an amazing guy. That’s part of the fun of it.

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